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It was 1985 when a husband and wife, who had a magnificent recipe for an authentic New York style sandwich, opened The New York Deli in Torrance, CA. It was then, when it was possible to find a slice of New York here in Southern California. The sandwich was an immediate success and was soon being raved about all over the South Bay.

Our passionate desire is to provide extraordinary value for our guests in all aspects of a Delicatessen. Here at The New York Deli, authenticity is key, all our produce, meats and breads are handpicked daily, by the owner, to insure our customers the freshest and highest quality of foods. All items on our menus are prepared in house hours before we open, showing our deep dedication in pursuing culinary excellence.

It is safe to say that you haven’t had a sandwich until you’ve had a New York Deli sandwich!


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